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Personal Injury

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Helping People After Accidents

There are many types of accidents that unfortunately result in a person’s injury or death. Each incident requires a unique legal analysis and investigation into all of the circumstances to ensure the injured person’s legal rights are protected. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at Rosen Injury Law have extensive experience in obtaining multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients in cases involving serious injury or death. Every client of Rosen Injury Law gets the highest quality legal representation and handling of their case. Rosen Injury Law exclusively represents people who have been injured or killed due to carelessness of others. The firm is dedicated to helping clients obtain justice for their injuries. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation for the damages arising from any accident.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day on the streets and highways of Florida. Every person driving a car or truck has a responsibility to make sure they are paying attention to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules of road and the failure to do so routinely results in car wrecks causing injuries and sometimes death. Over the past two decades, with the introduction of cellular phones, text messaging, and other portable electronic devices, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of accidents, collisions and car wrecks due to distracted driving. Studies have concluded that texting while driving is, in some cases, more dangerous then driving under the influence of alcohol. This is because the driver is distracted and not paying attention to their surroundings oftentimes resulting in accidents.

The Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers at Rosen Injury Law are dedicated to helping victims of car accidents obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance

In Florida, if another person causes an accident resulting in injuries, that person’s insurance carrier will be required to pay liability insurance coverage to the injured party. However, not everyone carries liability insurance or enough liability insurance to pay for the full extent of damages that flow from a car accident. If this happens, a claim arises which is referred to as an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. To have an underinsured or uninsured motorist claim, the person who was injured in the accident must have purchased special insurance coverage in their own personal car insurance policy.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident and have suffered injuries, it is important to hire a lawyer with the knowledge and experience in handling underinsured and uninsured motorist claims. Rosen Injury Law is here to help investigate every available insurance policy that may provide coverage for injuries resulting from a car accident and to make sure that those insurance carriers pay a fair and reasonable amount of compensation to the injured individual. Our team has experience in helping locate this insurance and hold the carrier accountable to pay for damages in accordance with the insurance policy.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are all too common. Motorcyclists must constantly operate their motorcycles defensively and be on high alert for other vehicles on the road. Due to the operator’s exposure, even a minor accident can result in catastrophic injury. Unlike safety systems in cars and SUVs, which include the vehicle’s exterior, interior, occupant restraining systems, and air bags, motorcycles have essentially no protective devices in place in the event of a collision. Every driver on the road has an obligation to exercise reasonable care in driving their vehicles and to follow the rules of the road. If a driver fails to follow the rules of the road and causes injury to a motorcyclist, the at fault driver and their insurance company will be responsible for compensating the injured motorcyclist.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, our team is here to help represent you. Our goal is to help you obtain full compensation for your injuries.

Manufacturing Defects and Product Liability

Manufacturers have a duty to their customers to make sure their product is safe when used as intended. If a product fails to perform safely and results in injury or death, a product liability action may arise. A manufacturer may be held responsible for injuries arising from use of the product in several different instances. If a product fails because there is a manufacturing defect, and someone is hurt, the manufacturer may be responsible for paying damages to the injured person. Manufacturing defects can occur while the product is being made. This can occur because materials used are substandard or not tested properly. This can also occur due to an employee’s failure to assemble the product properly.

Holding a corporation responsible for the harm caused to customers is no easy task. Many corporations will not respond to their customers’ requests to pay for medical bills and other damages arising from harm from using a product unless that person has an attorney with experience in handling product liability cases. Rosen Injury Law has held corporations accountable for the harm they caused to their customers. We are here to help recover compensation if you are injured by a product.

Medical Malpractice

Without our health, we have nothing. We trust doctor, nurses and other medical professionals with our health, safety and welfare. Healthcare providers are considered experts in their fields and receive extensive training to be able to perform the good they do in our society. From the time we are born until the day we die we rely on medical professionals to provide the highest quality care and treatment to ourselves and our families. Medical providers have a tremendous amount of power in the decisions they make, and how those decisions may impact their patients. With that power, comes a significant amount of responsibility to ensure that the decisions made will help the patient and not harm them. Unfortunately, there are times where good doctors make bad decisions. There are also times where bad doctors make bad decisions.

If a doctor fails to follow the standards that are used in their respective field, and a patient is harmed because of that failure, then the doctor or other heath care provider is responsible for the harm caused. This could include damages like pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of future earning capacity. Rosen Injury Law is here to investigate any case involving medical negligence. Please call if you have any questions about medical treatment you believe fell below standards.

Premises Liability

Crime in Florida and South Florida is ever present. Criminals and other wrongdoers look for crimes of opportunity in areas where they believe they can get away with their misdeeds. For instance, a dimly lit parking lot in an apartment complex may be the scene of a robbery resulting in injuries. A nightclub with inadequate security may be the scene of a shooting resulting in severe injuries or death. A local shopping plaza without security cameras may be the scene of a carjacking. Each of these instances are crimes of opportunity. Typically, the wrongdoer gets away. The victim in those cases, may never see their attacker brought to justice. In these circumstances, the property owner may be partially responsible for creating the environment for this crime of opportunity to occur.

Our team at Rosen Injury Law will investigate the circumstances surrounding any unfortunate incident resulting in injuries and provide legal representation to help you recover compensation from the responsible parties.


Most people are unaware of the tragic history related to the tobacco industry’s misconduct. For over fifty years, the United States Cigarette manufactures embarked on a campaign to deceive the public about the health effects and addictive nature of cigarette. Beginning in the 1950s tobacco companies formed a conspiracy to suppress the truth and convince their customers that smoking was not harmful. The goal was to keep people smoking so the industry would continue to make profits in the billions of dollars. All the while, the industry was designing cigarettes to create and sustain addiction, as well as marketing the products to teenagers. This effort resulted in mass consumption of cigarettes in the United States which led to mass disease and death.

The team at Rosen Injury Law has obtained multi-million judgments from tobacco companies for harm caused due to smoking related injury and death. If you or someone you know has suffered a smoking related illness, our team is here to help, and we will provide a free consultation to determine whether you have a case.

Wrongful Death

When negligence or other misconduct results in the death of a person; a wrongful death case arises. This can occur in any range of incidents from car accidents to defective products. In those tragic circumstances, the family of the person who died has a claim for compensation against the wrongdoer. Without question, there is no greater harm then the death of a loved one. Florida law creates specific rights for survivors who have lost loved ones where a wrongdoer is at fault. The goal of Florida law is to make sure that survivors are compensated in these unfortunate circumstances. However, the rules of law concerning wrongful death are complex and require an attorney who is knowledgeable in Florida law and statutes on these issues.

The Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers at Rosen Injury Law are well versed in Florida’s Wrongful Death Act and the team has a vast amount of experience representing families who have lost loved ones due to the carelessness or negligence of wrongdoers. If you or someone you know has lost someone in an accident, our team is here to help.

Rosen Injury Law

Rosen Injury Law is devoted to exclusively helping people who have been hurt as a result of unfortunate and unforeseen accidents. When choosing the right lawyer for your case, it is critically important to hire someone who has extensive experience in handling cases like yours. There are many lawyers that say they are personal injury lawyers, when they are not. These lawyers only occasionally handle personal injury cases, along with contract disputes, divorce cases, real estate transactions, and other cases outside of personal injury law. If you need heart surgery, you don’t go to a primary care doctor. You find a board-certified heart surgeon, so you know without question you are in good hands. Likewise, if you are facing injuries as a result of the negligence of others, you want to hire a board-certified attorney who exclusively handles cases involving injuries or death. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers, Rosen Injury Law, have spent more than a decade battling the biggest corporations and insurance companies in persona injury and wrongful death matters while achieving newsworthy results for their clients. Please call us at 844-935-1500 for a free consultation today.

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"There is no better legal team in the State of Florida, than Eric Rosen's legal Team. They stand taller than the tallest building in Florida. They win because they are brilliant, and they know how to win." Marc
"Mr. Eric Rosen is a phenomenal lawyer! He is so incredibly dedicated to your case and is open and honest every step of the way. Communication is key when going through any lawsuit and Eric was always a phone call away. His professionalism, common courtesy, and experience is bar none! He never backed down and fought for my family like he was a part of it and for that we are forever grateful. More lawyers should be like Eric, he’s the best of the best! Look no further than Rosen Injury Attorneys!" Stephanie L.
"Legal matters and legal issues can be a very intimidating, confusing, and scary experience; but not with Mr. Eric Rosen! The level of expertise, work ethic, hospitality, tenacity for the pursuit of justice, and incredibly empathetic nature Eric puts forth for his clients and co-workers are second to none. Eric and his team took care of my family and me as if we were their own family. If you are looking for an honest and straight forward attorney that will represent you or your loved ones with pride and integrity, look no further than Eric Rosen and Rosen Injury Attorneys!" Mike G.