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Product Liability Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida product liability attorneys, Rosen Injury Law, have extensive experience holding manufacturers of dangerous products accountable for harm caused to their customers. Such cases are complex and require a lawyer with knowledge and skills particular to product liability. There are many ways a product liability case may arise.

Manufacturing defects may occur due to a variety of reasons. For instance, a product liability case for a manufacturing defect may occur because a tire manufacturer used substandard rubber causing a tire to explode resulting in injury to the occupants of the vehicle. Another example might be a seatbelt manufacturer using metals that do not withhold the forces during an impact from a car accident.

Design defects may also occur which result in death. For instance, many car manufacturers have introduced keyless ignitions in vehicles. In many cases, the design of these systems failed to consider what would happen if someone exited the car with their keys but forgot to turn the car off. The design defect created a circumstance where carbon monoxide from the exhaust of the vehicle could cause harm to the driver. This has happened in South Florida resulting in death and severe injury.

A manufacturer may be held liable for failing to warn the customer of something dangerous about the product. The easiest example of failing to warn customers would be a drug or supplement placed on the market that has known side effects that can harm to the user, but the manufacturer fails to inform the consumer of this danger. Rosen Injury Law is experienced in handling cases against some of the largest manufacturers in the world and are here to help, when help is needed.

Rosen Injury Law’s Advice Following an Injury from a Product
  1. If you are injured arising from the use of a product, seek medical help immediately.
  2. Make sure to preserve the product in its current form and do not make any changes to the product (for instance if a tire explodes, preserve the tire in its current exploded condition)
  3. Take photographs of the product.
  4. Take photographs of your injuries
  5. Contact an attorney who has experience handling cases involving product defects and injuries arising from defective products.
  6. If relevant to the circumstances, report the incident to the police or other appropriate investigative authority. Contact an attorney if you have any questions on who you should report the incident to.
  7. Do not contact the manufacturer of the product before speaking with an attorney.
  8. If you have already contacted the manufacturer, stop communicating with them and contact an attorney to investigate the matter and represent you in any communications with the manufacturer.
  9. Finally, follow your doctor’s orders and get the therapy and treatment prescribed to you by your doctor.
Client Reviews
"There is no better legal team in the State of Florida, than Eric Rosen's legal Team. They stand taller than the tallest building in Florida. They win because they are brilliant, and they know how to win." Marc
"Mr. Eric Rosen is a phenomenal lawyer! He is so incredibly dedicated to your case and is open and honest every step of the way. Communication is key when going through any lawsuit and Eric was always a phone call away. His professionalism, common courtesy, and experience is bar none! He never backed down and fought for my family like he was a part of it and for that we are forever grateful. More lawyers should be like Eric, he’s the best of the best! Look no further than Rosen Injury Attorneys!" Stephanie L.
"Legal matters and legal issues can be a very intimidating, confusing, and scary experience; but not with Mr. Eric Rosen! The level of expertise, work ethic, hospitality, tenacity for the pursuit of justice, and incredibly empathetic nature Eric puts forth for his clients and co-workers are second to none. Eric and his team took care of my family and me as if we were their own family. If you are looking for an honest and straight forward attorney that will represent you or your loved ones with pride and integrity, look no further than Eric Rosen and Rosen Injury Attorneys!" Mike G.