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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accident > Loss of Earning Capacity After a Car Accident in South Florida

Loss of Earning Capacity After a Car Accident in South Florida

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An award for lost loss of earning capacity should consider the injured party’s diminished ability to earn income through the person’s entire life expectancy. Florida law allows compensation for loss of earning capacity if a car accident victim can demonstrate that his or her injuries are a significant factor in establishing the reasonable certainty of future damages. This means that a victim’s injuries do not need to be permanent to recover for loss of earning capacity. Many victims are discouraged from bringing a claim against a negligent driver due to this misconception that the injuries need to be permanent, so it is invaluable to speak to a car accident attorney after an accident to discuss your options. Eric Rosen, an experienced car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, offers a free consultation to encourage victims to bring claims against negligent driver’s actions.

For more information, see Rasinski v. McCoy, 227 So. 3d 201 (Fla. 5th DCA 2017); 17 Fla. Jur. 2d Damages § 50 (2019). Then, be sure to call Rosen Injury Law to see what their team of experienced lawyers can do for you.

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