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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > Can Someone Sue After Signing A Waiver Of Liability Form?

Can Someone Sue After Signing A Waiver Of Liability Form?


Last week, a six year old little girl died tragically at an amusement park in Colorado. Currently the investigation is ongoing trying to determine what caused this little girl to fall over a hundred feet off a ride that was designed for families and kids. Some questions have arisen, whether the amusement park was negligent and whether they would be held responsible for the damages caused by this little girl’s death. Some articles report that the parent of the little girl signed a waiver of liability before they entered the park. This means they signed a document that essentially said that the park couldn’t be held responsible even if the park was negligent.

The question often comes up, whether you can sue a company for negligence, even after you sign a waiver of liability at an amusement park or some other place. As it relates to Florida, the answer is, it depends. Florida is a state that looks very disfavorably about those types of waivers. There’s been many cases in Florida, where that waiver has been thrown out and the individual who was injured could bring a claim of negligence against the company. If someone is hurt at an amusement park or some other location, even after they sign a waiver of liability, they should speak to an attorney to determine their rights.

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